Moving traditional wind modeling effort from your office to our computer cluster, more than 40.000 Vortex simulations have been launched by users like you, from their desktop, online. Now, Gil Lizcano Vortex R&D director, will try to clarify your technical doubts in a similar easy manner.

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First impressions on ERA5

ECMWF has just made available two month of data as teaser for their new coming reanalysis project, ERA5.

How is Vortex turbulence computed?

We derive turbulence directly from our core model, WRF.

Does Vortex produce reliable results within a forest?

Vortex MAST results have been compared fairly successfully against user measurements taken inside or near a forest after certain precauti...

I have altitude or roughness data at a finer resolution than 100m. May I use them?

No, sorry. One of Vortex’s main aims is to provide our customers with fast results.

At which height are Vortex SERIES computed?

Vortex SERIES are delivered at any height between 50 and 150m agl

How far is your time series nearest calculation node away from my mast?

Since SERIES (like all Vortex products) are computed on demand

I want to MCP my short-term data. Does Vortex offer time series?

Yes, Vortex SERIES provide Mesoscale reference time series. 10 years of hourly data at any location world wide.

How accurate is Vortex?

Current Vortex system accuracy values are presented here.

Which technology runs behind the Vortex interface?

Vortex’s system core, WRF, is a sophisticated code that has been effectively employed to describe the physics and dynamics of atmospheric

But your results take some hours to be delivered...

Yes, this is due to the fact that calculations are non-linear, and non-linear computing is not immediate.

What makes Vortex approach different from other wind modelers?

Current wind modelers on the market offer either pre-calculated products or specific studies on a consultancy basis.

In "10" simple words, how does Vortex work?

Vortex uses a supercomputer cluster to run a non-linear flow model (WRF) that scales large atmospheric patterns

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