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Ocean is hard but Metocean technology can be soft. Vortex brings you access to wind & waves estimations the easy way, direct from your desktop to our computer cluster, getting combined wind and waves estimations. The former, produced with the well-stablished Vortex technology, the later with cutting-egde metocean modelling tools.

For initial project proposal and offshore zones tenders to final decision making

Quantify the resource for any maritime domain with a verified modeling chain. MAP, MAST, FARM and SERIES extend- ed offshore domains provide a complete analysis of the resource.

When terrain is all rough sea

How many winter days the windfarm is likely to be inaccessible? need design precise specifications on waves topology? Vortex metocean products built on the latest advances in high resolution wave and atmospheric coupled modeling. Retrieve all the marine conditions affecting project design and O&M through a reliable characterization of joint wind&wave description

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