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Why Vortex Solar?

Because besides satellite data, we use mesoscale models to build our accurate, cost-effective radiation estimates.

Why should that benefit me?

Models are our speciality enabling us to deliver global homogeneous long-term estimates, with no gaps, at a very attractive price.

Why does modeling reduce prices?

Modeling allows the entire process to be automated, cutting costs by keeping state-of-the-art accuracy levels.

Check Vortex Solar accuracy for yourself:

  • Request our validation withe-paper including comparisons against measurements in all continents.
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  • Download an unlimited number of Solar SERIES samples for a first-hand site-specific validation.


FREE global irradiation map. FREE 6-month time series.
Access to unlimited monthly reports + TMY subscriptions.

Vortex Solar MAPS three-zooming level approach has been designed to optimize cost and time during the screening process.

Vortex Solar SERIES span more than two decades backwards providing homogeneous and accurate long-term irradiance time-series, anywhere.


Vortex TMY has been designed by concatenation of the most representative months according to industry standards.

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