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FREE 9 km resolution global wind resource map
FREE 6 months time series
FREE topography and roughness maps


Thanks to Vortex exclusive WAsP Wind Atlas export feature, MAPS can be refined to any resolution making them a all-in-one tool for prospecting purposes.



Vortex Mast has been designed to help you in the important decision of placing a real met. mast on the field.


All what you need for wind-farm design and turbine class selection: long-term, high-resolution temperature, mean wind, extreme wind (Vref) and turbulence maps.



Once you have enough local measurements at your potential wind farm site it is time for the serious decisions: MCP for long-term extrapolation is one of them.


Vortex Icing will be of invaluable help when designing wind farms in cold climates. Do not leave it until it is too late to experience production losses due to ice accretion on blades.


Probably the most measurement-like set of synthetic wind time series currently available on the market. 1 full year, 10' averages, 3'' standard deviation.