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Probably the most complete modeling product on the market: long-term statistics at all heights within an area plus high-resolution temperature, mean wind, extreme wind (Vref) and turbulence intensity maps. Now with the ability to be calibrated with measurements!

When to use FARM?

When the wind farm area is already selected but not yet the turbine locations or their class.

Technical details:

  • Fully selectable areas in size, location and orientation.
  • Up to 100 m resolution.
  • All heights between 50 and 150 m.
  • Unlimited met. mast measurement inputs for calibration purposes.
  • Unlimited turbine location outputs within the selected area.
  • Wind speed histograms with their Weibull fits.
  • 16 sectors wind direction rose.
  • 50 years extreme wind (Vref) via 30 years Gumbel fit.
  • Characteristic turbulence intensity distribution in speed bins.
  • Sector-wise inflow angle and vertical shear.
  • Exportable to Google Earth KML, ESRI grid and WAsP WRG files for WindPro, WindFARMer, OpenWind….

NEW! Calibrate your WRGs with measurements

Satisfied with Vortex windfield patterns but concerned about deviations from your local measurements? We now offer you a free solution! Vortex Remodeling technology has been extended to 3-D not only to extrapolate your measurements over time but also to interpolate them across space at sites where one or more meteorological masts are available.

3D-Remodeling (Casso 2016) is the natural extension of Tortosa et al. 2014 Remodeling technology developed for single-point time-extrapolations. 1D-Remodeling has proven utmost performance over more than 2000 applications all around the globe. Unlike other calibration methods based on simplified sector-wise distributions, 3D-Remodeling takes particular care not to degrade the quality of the information that each source, model and observations, provides independently by mixing a spatial-temporal set of non-linear, multivariate algorithms that work exclusively in the time-series domain.

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