Wind farm development is a challenging process where critical decisions have to be taken. Vortex Wind & Site Solutions help you taking some of them via our web-based interface.


Once your windfarm is plugged-in, every hour counts, no matter how sure you were about the past. Vortex Forecast services will asses you about next week, season or decades wind and power.


Sun radiation touches every site on earth but scattered by many diffusive agents. Vortex Solar helps you narrowing uncertainty from wide regions to site-specific solar energy projects.


Ocean is hard but Metocean technology can be soft. Vortex brings you access to wind & waves estimations the easy way, direct from your desktop to our computer cluster.

Some of our customers

What do the above companies have in common?

Either if they are developers, manufacturers or specialised consultants, if they operate offshore windfarms or trade with solar energy… all them need wind, sun and sea data from around the globe.

And all them, besides measurements, use Vortex synthetic data.

With first-hand experience of the industry, we have created the tools we would have liked to have had at our disposal when we were facing the same challenges as them. Fairly accurate, inexpensive and delivered fast, our estimations help them in their everyday work.

They could also help you.

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