Some of the distinguishing characteristics of our service are:

  • Fast project setup, less than a business week for a standard project and 24 to 48 hours for projects without measured data.
  • Service is agile, create new projects and upload your data from the Vortex interface.
  • Vortex interface allows you to: visualize forecast of different variables with their probability bands (P90-10), select forecast date and prediction horizon, scroll through historical data, manage availability (past and future), visualize and analyze various error metrics, download on-screen data in CSV format, support for multi-site projects (aggregate and compare predictions from several projects in your portfolio).
  • Customizable deliverables, forecasts can be provided in several formats (e.g. TXT, CSV, XML, XLSX, SAS, etc.) by e-mail, FTP or from the web interface.
  • Graphic reports in PDF for Operation and Maintenance.