Vortex ICING will be of invaluable help when designing wind farms in cold climates. Do not leave it until it is too late to experience production losses due to ice accretion on blades. Vortex ICING provides a fairly reasonable estimate of the combined probability of frost and wind between critical thresholds.

When to use ICING?

Before the decision of starting a development in cold-climate must be taken.

Technical details:

  • Any region worldwide, both on and off-shore.
  • Up to 100 m resolution.
  • Fully selectable areas in size, location and orientation.
  • Maps of minimum temperature and maximum density.
  • 6 decreasing temperature thresholds.
  • Maps of days per year with temperatures below thresholds.
  • Maps of hours per year with icing rate above critical threshold (100m-res. only).
  • Table wind speed and direction during icing periods (100m-res. only).
  • Based on 10 years simulations.
  • Exportable to Google Earth KML, ESRI grid and WAsP WRG.

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